• Stop Aids Now! launched their new event concept s during Dance Valley. Safe Snacks is the name for a remarkable parody of a snack automat which dispends free condoms to festival visitors and gives them information on fighting AIDS.

    Through opening the sections, one is able to symbolically fight AIDS. This is displayed on a screen that shows a world map. When a section is opened, a picture is shown from people that are living in the countries where Stop Aids Now! is currently active. A counter is also shown which displays how many people have already “snacked safe” and contributed to a world without aids.

    This idea and concept is created by Pepperminds, an organization that has helped the recruitment process for Stop Aids Now! for several years. The production and technical realization has been done by Goed Bezig Productions. This new way of recruiting is the follow-up of the successful “condom wall”, a similar concept that was present on several events and festival in the past few years.

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